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Congratulations to David Davis recipient of the Biogenex Award Excellence in Immunohistochemistry from Region VII.

Summary of the Board of Director meetings in Providence, RI

    • The Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) has organized a new committee to move ahead with a revision of the guideline “GP28-A, Microwave Device Use in the Histology Laboratory”.  The committee agreed to change “Histology” to Anatomic Pathology” in the document title.  NSH’s representative on this committee is Janet Kliethermes.
    • ASCP has put together a task force looking at the possibilities of reinstating the certification of the Clinical Laboratory Assistant (CLA).  NSH’s representative is Jean Mitchell.  A survey was put together and ASCP sent out the survey as well as the NSH office sent it to our members asking them to fill it out.  The CLA certification was once offered and then since discontinued.
    • NSH made some minor changes to its investment policy that has to do with how some of the funds are managed as we need to stay current with changing times.  NSH has always been a conservative investment group and we still are conservative compared to other groups.
    • NAACLS is requesting that for the HTL program director that isn’t an HTL, the program has to have an educational coordinator who is an HTL.  Jennifer McDonald is NSH’s representative to NAACLS.
    • In the ASCP critical values newsletter stated that the president of ASCP went to Boswana Africa to help sign out the backlog of slides.  They found there was a lack of histotechnologists to produce the slides.  They came up with a plan for equipment and training of histotechnologists.  NSH sent a letter to ASCP asking to help train the histotechnician and histotechnologists.
    • The HistoQIP program has been in existence for 10 years with CAP and NSH.  It was voted to expand the program to now include IHC only, no H&E and Special Stains.  This is the fifth program for submitting slides to be graded.  Robert Brunner has been recommended to CAP to represent NSH as a new committee member to replace the expired term limit of the current member.
    • CAP has formed a task force to look at Uniform Labeling.
    • Editor of the Journal of Histotechnology Karen Burg updated us regarding the application for the Journal to be considered for listing with Pub-Med.  The Journal has been denied again, we will have to wait three years before we can apply again.  We realize we will need to have more articles in the Journal.  We also are aware that the journal subscription that is included in our membership dues that each individual’s journal is increasing from the publisher to $29 from the current $26.  Within our current due structure it covers $20 when our membership dues were increased in 2009.
    • Liz Chlipala has been appointed as the new Awards Chair person.  The rest of the committee members are unknown to NSH members.
    • The Symposium/Convention registration fee will increase to $65 for members and $165 for non-members.  At the current time the registration S/C fee is not covering the costs.  Members may not be aware that having the continental breakfast is costing $90,000 in the convention hall. Our meeting size has increased that we need to use convention centers and it is not possible to find places to get food in the morning.
    • The Quality Control Tissue Bank will be discontinued as the liability to NSH is too great with the patient regulations change.
    • The Strategic Plan has been approved identifying our goals for the next 3-5 years. Objectives needed to accomplish these goals have been set.  Communication and implementation will be our next steps for getting started with our members.  Please watch for the next “NSH In Action” for more details.
    • Board members were informed of the activities of the employees in the NSH office.
    • Board members were provided with a meeting exhibit report of meetings that NSH attended including state meetings, symposiums/forums and other organizational meetings.
    • Reviewed and approved the 2014 budget.
    • Individuals interested in becoming committee chairs please make it known of your interest so mentoring can be offered.
    • In going paperless for this years’ Symposium/Convention, both positive and negative comment had been received.
    • The Board was given a copy of the survey that was complied earlier in the year regarding Medicare Program Clinical Laboratory fee schedule where the author identified where some tasks and times did not match time allotted compared to the survey actual time.
    • The webinar schedule (formally tele conference) was provided as well as the event schedule.
    • Traci DeGeer has been appointed the Education Committee Chair.
    • The Board discussed the possibility of a dues increase.  It was decided that everyone would watch their spending to delay an immediate dues increase.